Chocolate Process

As a premier bean to bar chocolate maker, we source our beans direct and fair trade from cacao farmers. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and re-sealable for easy storage between tastes.

Solstice gourmet chocolate is handcrafted from high quality, rare, organic cacao beans processed with organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter in extremely small batches. This meticulous process is our labor of love and results in the most extraordinary American artisan chocolate bars available.

Selecting Cacao Beans:

Our premium American made artisan chocolate starts with sourcing the world’s finest cacao beans. As a specialty, hand made chocolate producer, our goal is to select different and unique cacao bean origins to create an eclectic variety of chocolate.

Sorting Cacao Beans:

When the cacao beans first arrive in burlap sacks they must first go through stringent sorting process to separate the best beans as well as plant debris. Only the finest beans will be used in our chocolate.

Roasting Cacao Beans:

Each batch is roasted to highlight the specific traits of each bean variety. Each cacao bean origin is roasted in our fluid bed roaster in small quantities to reveal its inherent qualities.

Cracking and Winnowing:

After roasting and cooling the cacao, the outer husk of the bean must be removed. This is performed by cracking the bean into what are known as nibs. The nibs are separated from the husks and become the core foundation of chocolate. The cacao husks are never wasted and are used to make tea and for organic gardening.

Grinding and Conching:

Traditionally this was accomplished in two steps. Today, modern machinery can accomplish this at the same time. Each chocolate refines/conches for different amounts of time depending on the chemical make-up of the cacao bean.

Tempering and Molding:

The process of tempering is an alignment of the crystals found within the cocoa butter. Tempering is what gives chocolate its shine and snap. Molding creates the final shape of the chocolate and is done by hand at Solstice. The chocolate bars are then wrapped by hand and are ready to enjoy!

Our Products

Solstice Chocolate’s handcrafted chocolate is made from only the best, rare, organic cacao beans from across the globe. Savor the richness of each slow roasted worldly flavor.

  • 70% Bolivian Palos Blancos Chocolate
  • 70% Madagascar Sambirano Chocolate
  • 70% Uganda Bundibugyo Chocolate
  • 70% Ecuador Camino Verde Chocolate
  • 70% Tanzanian Kilombero Chocolate
  • 70% Wasatch Blend Chocolate
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