Solstice Chocolate is a premier American, Artisan Chocolate maker located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our award winning, “bean-to-bar” chocolate is hand crafted from the finest organic cacao from around the world, sourced by owners Scott Querry and DeAnn Wallin, chocolate connoisseurs for more than 15 years.

The craft chocolate revolution in the US is akin to what has happened in the coffee and brewing realms and is becoming commonplace to find fine chocolate produced right here in America. Solstice Chocolate is a champion of small batch, handcrafted gourmet chocolate specializing in exotic cacao.

Our story of culinary chocolate tempering began with a simple discovery that a melted chocolate bar left in a hot car wasn’t ruined, but only that the chocolate had lost its temper. That discovery, along with our discerning taste for gourmet chocolate, led us on a lifelong pursuit to master the art of chocolate making and tempering. Since then it has been our passion to find the most exotic cacao beans and produce the most memorable chocolate available.

Similar to coffee or wine, cacao beans possess inherent characteristics based on the variety and the conditions of where it is grown. Solstice produces a variety of premier chocolate from cacao origins all over the world. It’s exciting to taste and discover the unique flavors of chocolate created from exotic select cacao beans.


The Solstice Chocolate brand experience is our highest priority, delivered through the finest quality and superb craftsmanship of each premium chocolate we create. For Solstice, this is a labor of love we hope you can taste in every bite of our chocolate.


Every exotic chocolate we create starts with our creative inner spirit and driven by our open minds and palates. We push the boundaries in creating new and innovative chocolates for the world to taste. Each small batch of chocolate is a triumph of craftsmanship and reflective of the premium goodness we put into every batch.

The Solstice Chocolate Team

Our award winning, “bean-to-bar” chocolate is hand crafted from the finest organic cacao from around the world

DeAnn Querry

Scott Querry and DeAnn Wallin


DeAnn Querry

DeAnn Wallin


Scott Querry

Scott Querry


“Solstice sources cacao beans from around the world including Bolivia, Madagascar, Ecuador, and Uganda. ”

Solstice Chocolate uses the finest 100% organic ingredients available. As a premier bean to bar chocolate maker, we source our beans direct and fair trade from cacao farmers. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and re-sealable for easy storage between tastes.

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